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Ferry County Rail Trail Partners and the county commissioner’s Rail Corridor Committee are pleased to announce the opening of the recently completed Curlew Lake Trestle Decking Project. This project represents the culmination of several years of planning and effort by local, state and federal agencies and volunteers who are working together to improve the Ferry County Rail-Trail.
Festivities will begin at 1 p.m., Saturday April 26th at the east end of the trestle. Parking is available at Kiwanis Road just east of the trestle. After the ribbon cutting ceremony refreshments will be served. We will then have a walk to Black’s Beach, a distance of about 2.5 miles.

Ferry County Rail Trail Partners have announced the auction of a skateborad raised $3000 for the county's 25 mile rail trail. The skateboard was signed backstage in Rio de Janeiro by all the members of the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and winners of 7 Grammy awards, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The hand crafted longboard-style deck was purchased in Rio de Janeiro Brazil by Bob Whittaker, tour manager for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and president of the rail trail group. "This rare longboard was signed and numbered by the makers at El Phante and is an amazing piece of craftsmanship by itself, the signatures by all the members of the Peppers make it a modern-day cultural artifact."

Whittaker went on to say, "Working together to create safe bicycle and pedestrian connections between schools, neighborhoods and towns has become a common unifying goal and I think this board, an international and cross cultural effort, is symbolic of that fresh and healthy new school of thought."

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Motion Boardshop
(Wheels and trucks) 
El Phante boards
(Made in Brazil )

Trestle upgrade work begins. By Brenda Starkey, Ferry County VIEW

REPUBLIC – A project to put deck and railing on the old railroad trestle along the rail trail at the north end of Curlew Lake officially began Monday. 

Goldline Construction, a local company owned by Grant Tolton, submitted the winning bid for the project in August. That bid for $163,919, was the lower of two bids and came in under the amount of grant funding reserved for the project. 

The trestle project is phase one of the long-term development of the Ferry County Rail Trail and is the culmination of several years of collaborative effort between the county commissioners, their advisory board—the Rail Corridor Committee—and the local citizens group Ferry County Rail Trail Partners. 

The project was made possible through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s Transportation Enhancement Program which among other things provides funding for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, according to Keith Bell, RCC member. 

The county was awarded $200,000 for this project.

Tolton said when he first heard of the project, there was a plan to put concrete on the deck and frame it in cyclone fencing, but he drew up a plan he felt was more esthetically pleasing. County Engineer Bob Breshears took Tolton’s design and engineered it. 

The 770-foot-long trestle will be decked with material similar to the original construction of the trestle. A 10-foot-wide deck with wood railings will be constructed, and there will be two twin, cantilevered observation decks on each side of the trestle. 

Tolton said these might be suitable for historical markers, and for people to observe the area and maybe drop a fishing line into the lake. 

The deck will carry non-motorized traffic including bicycles and hikers, and will also be suitable for horses. 

Stott’s Construction is a sub-contractor for the project and will work on the approach from the trail to the trestle. That work started Monday and should be complete this week.

Tolton said it is a 10-week project, but he is currently waiting on delivery of the timbers that will be used for the railing. Those are expected in early November. He said winter weather could also cause a delay, so the job is projected to be finished next spring.

All labor and materials will be local. Much of the lumber, which was purchased through Hall’s Lumber, has already been delivered to a staging area near Tolton’s West Curlew Lake Road office. 

It will all be cut and drilled at the staging area before being installed on the trestle, he said. 

Ferry County is the lead agency and Breshears and Public Works Director Troy Reynolds will be continuing to provide project oversight through the project’s completion, Bell said. 

The trestle was originally built by the Great Northern Railroad then turned over to the Burlington Northern Railroad. It burned in 1979 or 1980 and was rebuilt in 1980 and 1981, he said.

“We are elated!” said Bob Whittaker, president of the Ferry County Rail Trail Partners and a member of the county Rail Corridor Committee. “This ground breaking is another positive milestone for this trail.” 

“We have won three major grants, one planning grant from the National Parks Rivers and Trails Assistance Program that helped us develop our community driven Concept Plan, and two separate $100,000 development grants," Whittaker said. 

The grant funding allowed construction on the trestle project to start this week.

“It has taken time but it's important to remember all planning and construction must be in full compliance with grant stipulations. Many agencies must sign off on it all," Whittaker said. 

One example of this is that there are culturally significant areas along this trail and we needed to be sure the Colville Confederated Tribes Historic Preservation Office signed off on our plans, he said. The CCT Historic Preservation Office was also a contributor to our Rail Trail Concept Plan. 

FCRTP, RCC and the county will continue to seek additional funding to develop the trail as quickly as possible, Keith Bell, VP of the Rail Trail Partners, said.

FerryCounty's Rail-Trail Awarded A Second $100,000 Development Grant
Monday, March 25th.  Republic WA

Ferry County's Rail-Trail Trestle Decking & Gravel Surfacing Project just got its second $100,000 boost - this time from a 2013 Federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) Grant, bringing the total Federal and State funds allocated to the project to $200,000. 

The focus of the project is to rehabilitate the existing 770 foot railroad trestle across the north end of Curlew Lake by placing pressure treated timbers as a deck and also as railing along both sides. The project also places a stabilized crushed surfacing on the existing railroad grade from a parking area along the Kiwanis Road on the north end of the trestle to and for a mile and a quarter beyond the south end of the trestle as well as rebuilding the approaches to the trestle on each end. In response to the new grant County Engineer Bob Breshears wrote in his March project update that the new funds will allow the County to surface more of the trail south of the trestle. Specifically Breshears said “the additional funds will require a minor delay of the bidding of the project but should not prevent it from going to ad in April and getting the work done in early summer or late spring." 

"We are excited the rail trail was granted another $100,000 for development and overjoyed to see that this trestle decking project is projected to be done this summer" said Ferry County' Rail Corridor Committee Chair Bobbi Weller. "This is the realization of a community vision and the result of hard work and proper planning that started with the help of the National Parks Rivers and Trails Assistance program." In 2010  Ferry County won the support of the National Parks Service's "Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance" program. This was a planning grant and RTCA staff provided the county with a wide range of technical assistance, including assessing resources, developing concept plans, engaging public participation, and identifying potential sources of funding for development of the former rail-bed that connects Republic to the Canadian Border.

Keith Bell of the Ferry County Rail Trail Partners (a local 501c3) said "its wonderful to see how attractive this bicycle/pedestrian project is to these state and federal grant programs, we did our homework, completed the proper planning and its really paying off big for our community."

Final version of Rail-Trail Concept Plan released
A multi-use, non-motorized rail-trail that is a signature destination in FerryCounty
and highlights our cultural heritage and natural beauty, offering a fun, safe, healthy community connector as well as a first-rate recreational experience for the
enjoyment of both local residents and tourists.
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Enthusiastic Response from Community for Ferry County
Rail-Trail Survey Provides Valuable Input

An enthusiastic response from the public to a survey prepared by Ferry County’s Rail Corridor Committee (RCC) showcases that people primarily walk, bicycle, and cross-country ski along the 24.8 mile non-motorized Rail-Trail that runs from Republic’s West Herron Creek Road north to Danville near the Canadian border.
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Click to view full size View the new full color map of the non-motorized and motorized sections of the rail trail and the Golden Tiger Pathway multi-use/motorized trail. This PDF file is suitable for printing on an 8.5x11 sheet. Click Here

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Rail Corridor Committee Vision Statement
Ferry County’s Rail Corridor Committee (RCC) finalizes vision statement. Right on RCC!
"A multi-use non-motorized rail-trail that is a signature destination in Ferry County that highlights our cultural heritage and natural beauty, offering a fun, safe, healthy community connector as well as a first-rate recreational experience for the enjoyment of both local residents and tourists."

Rail Trail Open to All Non-Motorized UsersFerry County Rail Trail now open to ALL muscle powered users!

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